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Residential Design

we are one of leading residential Interior designing and decoration service provider based in Jaipur. As online Interior design and architectural consultants we are responsible for the outside and inside out persona of a project we undertake to complete Each of our design is captivating for the eyes and bring an aura of beauty


Office Design

Decor D Home delivers full office fit-out solutions in India. We encompasses all disciplines from partitioning, flooring and ceiling to joinery, lighting, electrics and air conditioning. Specialized in office interior fit-out and furnishing our experienced team will assess and thoroughly go through all of your requirements


Commercial Design

We provide a proper blend of aesthetics with the fusion of creative art to bring out unique and innovative masterpiece of your organization to help you out in the great amount of productivity. We are able to provide you with all kind and sorts of commercial interior designs that will satiate the necessity of the high end need of your organization



  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

During our first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and your budget. We will collect a wide range of information on your project and business, and we will discuss your requirements, how each space is used, and your visions for the space. We also will obtain the most up-to-date set of architectural plans for your space from you. Your tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, style and brand, Image selection to hone in on needs, visions, tastes, and expectations. We will provide images to look through, but you are always welcome to bring inspiring images of your own as well.

This portion of the design process requires a fair amount of communication and intermediate meetings to discuss certain elements of the design may be needed. Creation of the design concept is a complex process and generally requires several weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

After a floor plan has been selected, we begin developing a color scheme that communicates your brand message, and sourcing furniture, fixtures and materials. Custom furniture may be designed where needed. Materials for flooring, walls, counters and cabinetry are selected. A lighting concept is developed. Drawings, samples and conceptual images are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched. Your needs, budget, and brand are all considered in every product and design element we present to you.

If there is work to be done by trades, you will be in charge of scheduling that with them. We may choose to be on site when the work is being completed to make sure the design is executed properly and with the highest quality workmanship. However, it is outside the scope of our services to hire, direct, or provide payment to any outside contractor needed for completion of the design.

This is where the vision becomes reality. All work by the trades has been completed. Now the furnishings are delivered, merchandise is placed and art is hung. Accessorizing is what elevates your space to magazine-quality status. It involves adding finishing touches that complete your brand message and make your space feel complete. This phase follows a different process than the rest of the design.