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4We provide a proper blend of aesthetics with the fusion of creative art to bring out unique and innovative masterpiece of your organization to help you out in the great amount of productivity. We are able to provide you with all kind and sorts of commercial interior designs that will satiate the necessity of the high end need of your organization.For those luxury office spaces that are developed and constructed newly we offer them with high range variety of services to make their offices a great commercial space and help them in coming out as a place which is build with all the modern techniques and creativity.

We understand the professional aura that is prevalent in the working culture and strongly abiding by the code and decorum of the official purpose we create and design an office that will fulfill both the creative as well as professional outlook of your organization.

Showroom Interior Design

We design well-spacious and organized showrooms, keeping the aesthetic sense and other requirements of our clients in mind. We provide design consultancy, furniture and accessories creation and interior decoration for our clients.

Workstations Interior Design

Workstations has to be comfortable to carry on day to day office work with positivity. We at Express Design’s effort are to make a comfortable staff area that is meant to deliver all the requirements meeting the worker’s specific tastes and genre of work. It is designed in such a manner so as to add charm to the ambiance of the office.

Office area Interior Design

Express Design offers organized and highly sophisticated office interior design services. All the requirements that are needed in the office are well taken care of by us. Spacious cupboards to store the files and comfortable furniture are some of the vital things that we always incorporate in our interior designing.

5Waiting area Interior Design

This area has to be designed in such a way that it automatically welcomes the visitors. Because this is the first interface of a person with the company takes place at the waiting area near the reception. Hence, we put extra care while to make it look exclusive for the visitors. Attractive furniture, awesome décor are some of the things that need to be noticed when the office is designed by us.

Cabin Interior Design

Director or Manger cabins have to different from the entire office workstations or working areas. Therefore we pay extra attention in designing the over view of cabins. We are known to offer some of the most exclusive office cabins. These cabins have all the comforts that are required in your personal cabin. They are very spacious with hi design furniture and side tables for conversations in the cabin. Thus making them ideal cabins to meet the specific needs of the user. We provide everything that is needed to comfort the user while at work like, a soothing ambiance, comfortable furniture etc.

Reception Interior Design

We design impressive receptions which are sure to captivate the visitors and this is well depicted in all our work. Elaborate color combinations and a unique choice of design make us stand away from the crowd of interior designers. The reception designed by us has both style, elegance and most importantly serves the purpose.